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"Suryas" mural

Address VIARIGI - Via Roma / Municipio, 14030 Viarigi AT, Italia
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Mural dedicated to the sun cycle.

It was created on the occasion of the 2021 edition of Saltinpiazza, the street art festival.

The mural project was created by Pikitanka, a historical creative collective composed of Letizia Veiluva, Stefano Porro, Silvia Caronna and Alessandro Pugliese, who were joined for the occasion by the artistic hands of Pasquale Riso, Matilde Roasio, Sofia Gioè, Beatrice De Matteis and Arianna Mortarino.

"Suryas" (i.e. the Sun, understood in the meaning of divinity in Indian culture),  is an impressive mural work: it consists of five walls that measuring about 4 x 2 meters each and "tells" the cycle of the sun also thanks to the delicate words of Alessandro Pugliese, imprinted on the mural: "Let's trust the sun, let's fantasize about our future, let's believe in each other because under every roof there is always at least one heart beating and quivering with the desire to be heard".

"We finished the job in five days and, like every year, we return home full of indelible emotions - Letizia Veiluva explains - This year's artistic proposal reflects the need to get back into the rhythm of a life that has been undergoing strong shocks for two years now. The cycle of the sun, from the moment it is born, to the moment in which it allows itself a little rest, to indicate the aesthetic beauty of a completely natural spectacle, of course, but also to underline the desire to return to watch this performance, to be part of it, without any more limitations. Special thanks to Francesca Ferraris, Milo Scotton and Liceo Artistico B. Alfieri, without whom we would not have been able to realize all this, and finally, a due thanks to the help offered by Flavio Veiluva".

With "Suryas" the Pikitanka have put their signature, for the third consecutive year (2019-2020-2021), on the walls of the splendid village of Astigiano where the previous works are still visible.


Comune di Viarigi

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